Chip’s Commentary

Market Minute 02/28/2017

When The Run Is Done
Stocks have been on a run for ages.
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Amazon (AMZN) vs. Walmart (WMT)

Was Buffet Right in Selling Walmart?
This time last year Warren Buffet’s company,Berkshire Hathaway,owned over $3 billion in Walmart (WMT) stock.
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2017 Letter to Investors

120 Years of Market Action
The January Barometer is a theory that if the market posts positive results for the month, stocks are apt to be up for the year;
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Market Minute 12/23/2016

Consumer Sentiment Soars
It has been twelve years and eleven months since the Michigan Consumer Sentiment reached the 98.2 level.
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Market Minute 12/13/2016

Trump & Tillerson
President-Elect Donald Trump has selected Rex W. Tillerson, Chairman and Executive Officer of Exxon Mobile (XOM),the world’s largest oil and gas company.
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Market Minute 12/07/2016

Productivity Jumps 3.1 Percent
Professor and Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman said, “Productivity isn’t everything, but in the long-run it’s almost everything.”
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