Play By Your Rules

Create an independent financial practice based on your own vision

We feel that Independent Financial Consultants can only excel when they’re the ones calling the shots. For this reason, 1DB provides our IFCs with the support to run their offices in a way that is best suited to their needs and the needs of their clients. Since each Independent Financial Consultant is the true authority on the inner workings of their own practice, we give each representative the ability to make their own decisions about the shape and direction of their financial services business.

From our vantage point, each Independent Financial Consultant is a visionary, carving out an individual market niche and growing a highly personalized financial consulting practice. 1DB is here to provide high level business support services, industry-leading investment products and customized financial resources to ensure that each Consultant achieves their individual goals. By focusing on providing the right tools and services, 1DB creates a working environment that allows IFCs to exceed their clients’ expectations and grow their business.