President’s Letter

Dear Colleague,

1DB has been one of the fastest growing Independent Broker/Dealer firms in the industry. Yet, even though we’ve been called “the gem among Independent Broker/Dealer firms,” we still remain under the radar. We have grown by acquisition and word-of-mouth by aligning with financial professionals who relate to the unique environment we have built.

The Independent Financial Consultant is an entrepreneur who revels in independence and is motivated to make things happen by forging their own path. Our contribution is made through providing support and guidance, with new ideas and inventive ways to take your financial practice to the next level. Our firm is centered on our Financial Consultants, so we never forget that your success is also our success.

We know that financial professionals have many affiliation options and I invite you to learn more about our firm. I strongly believe that the more you know about 1DB, the better able you will be to judge what differentiates us from the pack. It’s a difference that really matters—and it can matter to you and the success of your career.

Best Wishes,

William Corley, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer