First Discount Brokerage II

First Discount Brokerage (1DB) aims to become the retail investor’s full-service investing solution. 1DB’s service platform provides value-added action points from the moment an account is opened. These include: premium services at superior savings, individually crafted portfolios, professional money management, direct access to the firm’s fixed-income and equity trading desks. As a wealth management boutique, our primary focus is capital preservation. We view capital preservation in today’s economy as multifaceted, from portfolio construction and security selection, to personal tax strategy and liability protection.

1DB’s management team embodies a real time – hands on approach that includes compliance, operations, sales, trading, and administrative personnel, with compliance at the forefront of our enterprise. Risk management and quality controls are part and parcel to our way of thinking, with all stakeholders – clients, employees, owners and regulators – aligned.

The linchpin that links clients to the 1DB network is our elite group of Independent Financial Consultants. 1DB’s IFC’s are seasoned veterans with an average industry tenure exceeding 25 years. They are first responders in the financial world – shrewd, insightful, and dedicated professionals that have faithfully guided their clients during one of the most difficult times in economic history. Our team of experienced IFC’s is well equipped to provide their clients with the strategies and products necessary to compete in today’s fast paced world.

For those investors who prefer a do-it-yourself investment approach, our technology grid enables online access to statements, account balances, holdings, execution capabilities for stocks and options (same price offline or online), ACH cash movement, and tax-lot accounting. We also offer direct access to the firm’s fixed income and equity trading desks. The suite of direct offerings includes certificates of deposit, treasury notes, government bonds, UITs, tax free municipals, corporate debt, agency securities, foreign credits and variable or fixed annuities.

Institutional clients seek 1DB for our proprietary sales and fixed income trading expertise, accompanied with wholesale pricing for equity and derivative trade execution. 1DB’s institutional staff provides security analytics, valuation, and trading for structured products, GSE agencies, collateralized loan obligations, distressed debt, corporate and municipal offerings.

Financial brokerage continues its evolution at breakneck speeds with the sole constant being change. In these volatile times, there is an attribute 1DB embodies that remains unchanging – ethical, diligent and knowledgeable financial partners.


William Corley
Founder & CEO
First Discount Brokerage