Market Minute Dec 17, 2012

As The World Turns

Within the context of a week the world turns. Take a moment and examine this past week in your own life; it’s remarkable how different it is from those prior. For me there were highs and lows, smiles and frowns alike, throughout each and every day. Last week’s events ranged: from the fright of an automobile accident to the joy of a high school senior’s admittance to a chosen college; from positive family health reports to negative conversation with a friend whose reckless decisions have cost that person everything. There were steps taken upward to better myself and literally steps taken downward into a Yorkshire Terrier’s unwanted. There were musings, deliberate actions and new beginnings all encompassed within this weekly mosaic. Last week our Nation mourned tragedy, as teachers acted heroically giving their lives to protect little ones. Americans paused.

For many, this holiday season will bring joy, laughter and gift giving. For others it will not. On Tuesday, I attended a David Gergen speaking engagement. As one of Washington’s premier insiders his message of current happenings was succinct. What he said that struck me was about today’s young people, tomorrow’s leaders. “Our universities are well represented by students who will be tomorrow’s leaders. We are in good hands – young women and men are prepared and equipped. They are high-minded and singularly focused on making a positive contribution to the world.” Minute is up.