Market Minute Jan 7, 2013

Monday Night Football – Gangnam Style

The flicker of a New Year celebration is with us a few more days at least.  2012 has come and gone; all that remains are the memories and lessons learned.

Last year, as all years, had its ebb and flow, ups and downs, twists and turns.  2012 began as a year of bipartisan division and ended as a year of political revision. We had 7 pounds 6 ounces of hope from a nation’s first newborn to hopelessness in Newtown; there were acts of God  from Frankenstorm to heroic acts by saintly educators; we shared eagerly anticipated enthusiasm for the Olympic games to utter disappointment in our elected representatives;  we lost an American pop icon and the astronaut who made a giant leap for mankind; social media brought us an IPO flop and identified KONY 2012; we gamely watched the great debates Obama vs. Romney; we tweeted, #hashtaged and facebooked; we experienced safer airline flights; we saw risk assets outperform as inflation remained subdued; we found new prospects in energy and reelected our president.

This evening as the Crimson Tide and Fighting Irish hit the gridiron, we as Americans are ready to get back to work and take on 2013 as we ended 2012 –ambitious, energetic, affluent minded, dynamic, entrepreneurial and optimistic –  Gangnam Style.