Market Minute Nov 7, 2012

The ELECTION is OVER!! Now that that’s behind us and if your candidate won – good for you and if your candidate lost good for you. Huh, because the media has eaten our lunch over the past 12 months. It didn’t matter where we went or tried to hide – newspapers, billboards, tv, tv, tv, radio and yard signs the $6 billion dollar advertising machine never let up. It consumed a part of our lives as we became intimately intertwined in the media induced grid. If you did not partake in its seduction then read no further.
Now that it is finally over, I’ve listed a few things to replace its omnipresence during the previously usurped prime evening hours: read the comics; do some yoga; go to the gym multiple times a week; walk around the block – twice; write a limerick; eat more vegetables; make a fruit smoothie instead of having one made; look at pictures; buy an interesting magazine; watch a Netflix documentary about walruses; recite a poem; shine your shoes; go to the mall and buy something you don’t need; send a card to a friend; tell your parents how much you appreciate how they’ve always been there.