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Our passion for this business has remained constant for over 18 years. We are focused on making a beneficial financial impact in each client's life. We are not just purveyors of ideas; we are benefactors of the results.

1DB where RELATIONSHIPS are key

We understand that strong client relationships require optimal investment results combined with exceptional accountability.

At 1DB STRATEGY counts

Our strategy is that success in investing comes from knowing why you want to invest, acceptance that there are no shortcuts, and taking action in a disciplined process directed by proven knowledge.

Watch your assets GROW at 1DB

We plant the seeds for your investments to bear fruit, using clearly defined and measurable goals to reap a good harvest.

Market Pulse
Chip’s Commentary

Q4-2015 Letter To Investors

Sinking Stocks
Globally, as well as here at home, financial markets have been roiled of late.
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Market Minute 09/21/15

Fighting Fatigue
According to Merriam-Webster, middle age begins at 40 and ends at 60.
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Market Minute 09/08/15

Serena Or Venus
I recently attended a conference where Tony Hsieh (Zappos CEO, successful entrepreneur and venture capitalist) was the keynote speaker.
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Market Minute 08/31/15

Laboring Leadville
Last week, at the halfway point during the Leadville 100, my goose was cooked.
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Market Minute 08/17/15

Business Mastery – Tony Robbins
Whoever said, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” never attended a Tony Robbins event!
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KKR Dividend at 8.29 %
J.P. Morgan Chase & Co
AT&T 25 Year Chart
Public Storage
London, Geneva Top Millionaire Lists
Michael Kors

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