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Inflation Irritation

Inflation, as reported in February’s Consumer Price Index (CPI), rose 0.2% for the month, and 2.2% for the year; core-cpi, excluding the volatile food and energy components, increased 1.8%.


What jobs are being generated today, and which workers are being hired to fill these positions?

Inflation Increased 2.1% Over the Past 12 Months

At face valued prices appear stable, but there are components that are inflating.
See the Chart…

Volatility: Worth the Risk?

As risk assets sold off, volatility (VIX), a measurement of fear, virtually doubled overnight. What triggered the scare?


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Michigan Consumer Sentiment
Median Compensation Top 20 Paying Jobs
Brent Crude Breaks 12 Month High
Employment Situation
Wage & Salaries Personal Income & Outlays
Dow Jones Industrial Average Bull Markets Since World War II
Amazon Growth Since the $1.50 IPO
Historical P/E Ratios & 10 YR Treasury Yields
Q1-2017 Real GDP Worst Since 2014
Case-Shiller National Home Price Index
Worst Performing Asset Classes Lost Decade
Consumer Price Index 12 Month Change
Inverted Yield Curves & Recessions Since 1953
Dow Jones Industrial Average 2000-2013
Dow Jones Industrial Average 1966-1982
Dow Jones Industrial Average 1929-1954
Dow Jones Industrial Average 1900-2017
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