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Letter from the CEO

A letter from Founder and CEO, William Corley

Dear Friends,

Welcome to 1DB! Our company’s mission is to add more value to investors and savers than ever before. I coined ‘Asset Building and Coaching’ as the ABCs of Financial Fitness. I’ve always believed that every person’s situation is unique. Each client’s financial needs and goals should be addressed individually. We attain this ideal using the ABCs of financial well-being for our customers through a hybrid approach of human advisors partnered with advanced technology.

1DB authored, and embodies, the “3Ps to Prosperity – People, Price, and Performance. At 1DB, People always come first, Price matters most, and Performance counts constantly.” Our world is rapidly transitioning to everything digital. 1DB’s digital advisory initiative, aptly named “ROBO, 1DB’s acronym for: —Return-on-Investment —Optimized Portfolios —Balanced Assets —Open Access,” is on the crest of this digital wave. 1DB’s Modern Investment Solution utilizes advanced mathematical algorithms, state of the art technology, and human ingenuity, so that anyone and everyone can have their money professionally managed.

ROBO enables clients to invest their hard-earned money into well diversified asset classes such as equities, bonds, and real estate investment trusts by way of low-cost exchange traded funds (ETFs). 1DB’s offering tracks all account activity, portfolio holdings, and performance results. Although there are no guarantees when it comes to investing in risk assets, using history as a guide, I believe that sound investments will benefit from growth over the long term.

The world is embarking on a new age of wealth creation. Now the masses can invest like the classes. ROBO’s investment minimum for non-retirement accounts is only $100; historically, this type of asset management required upwards to six-figures or more. Whether you are investing large sums or just beginning to save small amounts, ROBO will optimize and allocate your money according to your personal preferences.

It has been my dream to bring financial inclusion to everyone! Digitalization and smart financial engineering are making this possible.

To open a digital advisory account click here. It generally takes less than 10 minutes to create an account.

Yours in Financial Fitness,

–William Corley