If you have order(s) outside of the regular market hours (9:30 am to 4:00 pm EST), please call our trading desk at (561) 515-3200 during normal business hours as orders left in the voice message will not be taken.
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Mission Statement

1DB’s mission is to guide investors in pursuit of financial well-being by listening to their specific needs, offering personalized solutions, developing investment strategies, and adapting to changing market conditions.

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Investment Philosophy

1DB is an investment advisory firm offering professional money management to the masses. 1DB authored and embodies the 3Ps to prosperity – people, price, and performance. At 1DB, people always come first, price matters most, and performance counts constantly!

We are living in a new era, a time when human longevity, prosperity, awareness, compassion, and purpose are the baseline. Digital technologies are universally empowering consumers; the wave of change is impacting everyone and is now transforming how individuals save and invest their hard-earned money. 1DB embraces this movement and makes professional money management available to almost anyone.

1DB’s digital investment platform is user-friendly, expedient, and cost effective. Our clients have access to individualized, globally diversified portfolios that invest their monies into exchange traded funds according to their risk tolerance and financial objectives.


We are a local, community-based investment advisory boutique that is informed, knowledgeable, efficient and ready to act on your behalf. Also, we can bundle our services.


  • 1DB offers a comprehensive approach to wealth accumulation and management. Our qualified team of professionals direct our clients on asset growth, tax strategy, estate planning, and charitable contributions.
  • 1DB’s team of financial advisors are in business to serve the financial needs of our trusted clients. All financial services are provided by industry veterans, serving the areas of money management, tax consultation, financial planning, insurance protection and retirement solutions.

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