Fixed Income

Fixed income is a non-equity type of investment that obligates the borrower (also known as the issuer) to make payments on a fixed schedule.  If you lend money and the borrower has to pay  interest once a month, you have been issued a fixed-income security.

Some of the products available through 1DB’s fixed income department include:

  • Treasury securities, including US government bonds, bills, notes and TIPS (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities)
  • Municipal bonds, including insured and zero-coupon bonds
  • Corporate bonds
  • Mortgage pass-through bonds, including Ginnie Mae and Fannie Mae
  • Adjustable-rate mortgage bonds (ARMs)
  • Collateralized mortgage obligations (CMOs)
  • Bank certificates of deposit
  • Structured products, such as reverse exchangeable bonds
  • Unit Investment Trusts, or UITs

1DB understands that these products can be purchased through a variety of dealers; that’s why when you do business with 1DB, you also receive service.  Our fixed income department is staffed by three bond professionals with over 60 years experience in the securities industry.  The services provided include:

  • Bond search  engine All of 1DB’s independent financial consultants can access Knight BondPoint’s 40,000+ line items, including municipal bonds, corporate bonds, agencies, treasuries, CMOs, certificates of deposit, new issues, and structured products.
  • Bloomberg Our fixed income department can  retrieve information through Bloomberg at the request of any of our  independent financial consultants
  • Evaluations  and bids 1DB’s fixed income department works with brokers’ brokers to provide evaluations and bids on bonds
  • Guidance Our fixed income team is here to help  1DB’s Independent Financial Consultants select products based on your  criteria
  • Purchases and  sales Our Independent Financial Consultants can turn to the Fixed Income Department for assistance in the purchase or sale of any type of bond
  • Bond ladders We can help to diversify your account  through building a bond ladder that may be suitable for you

No matter what your fixed income need, 1DB is here to help you fill it.  Please contact your 1DB Independent Financial Consultant for assistance.  If you are not currently working with one, you may contact our fixed income department directly at 888-746-2924.