We are a local community based investment advisory boutique that is informed, knowledgeable, efficient and ready to act on your behalf. Also, we can bundle our services significantly reducing costs of our competitors.

1DB provides independent, client focused advice. We charge value-added fees quoted in advance, so there are no hidden costs. Whether they disclose it or not, a large number of advisors are motivated to sell a product that is most profitable for their firm. Fees may often be hidden from the client.
1DB offers a comprehensive approach to wealth accumulation and management. Our qualified team of professionals direct our clients on asset growth, tax strategy, advanced estate planning, and charitable contribution. Other RIA firms tend to focus on asset management and lack the education necessary for complete financial planning.
1DB’s team of financial planners are in business to serve the financial needs of our trusted clients. All financial services are provided by industry veterans, serving the areas of money management, tax consultation, finanical planning, insurance protection and retirement solutions. Quite a few investment advisors who have been in the business for a significant period of time have good sales training and investment backgrounds, but may not be able to integrate a combination of investment, insurance, tax and estate planning management.