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The short version:

Why? Because the merchandise is on sale, in some cases, it’s #BOGO.

How? Incrementally, $25, $50, $100, $500, whatever serves your situation. I have been investing $1,000 a week. By investing in the markets automatically, savers are purchasing through ups and downs.

When? Now. Equities and risk assets have fallen into bear market territory, -20%. For investors and savers planning for the future, there are bargains to be had. Remember, the market was at record highs on February 19th. It makes good sense to invest now.

Where? 1db.com offers a professionally managed Digital Advisory platform that invests in leading stocks, bonds, and real estate globally. 

Who? Everyone, our investment solution, called ROBO, is low-cost, transparent, user-friendly with only a $1 minimum.


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