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Apex Select ™ Debit and Checking Services

Apex is partnering with UMB Bank, n.a. to provide service for this new Cash Management product which offers ACH payments , checking, and debit services, ATM withdrawals, and employer and contra bank direct deposits.

Additional details are available via the following links:

Apex Select ™ Debit and Checking Services Application Form
Apex Select ™ Cash Management Products Fee Schedule


E-Docs is a free internet service designed to give investors more timely access to their accounts and financial reports in an electronic format. Advantages to using E-Docs include: flexible access to account statements, confirms, and tax information, eliminates paper delivery fees, provides secure storage in a private E-Documents account, reduces paperwork and clutter, and enhances recordkeeping.

FDIC Sweeps Program

Customers may elect to participate in the Apex FDIC Insured Sweep Program by completing the Sweep Program Enrollment Form found in Forms and Documents under the Customer Support Tab.