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Pet Peeve 1


Readers of my posts know that I pride myself on being a consumer advocate. I believe unwaveringly that we are all connected in this human experience. I articulate that view in the economic realm vis-a-vis the 3Ps to Prosperity — People, Price, Performance. People always come first; price matters most, and performance counts constantly. What

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Oil Update

Oil Update

It was evident from the very beginning on April 20 that the oil market was headed for trouble. Frantic sell orders had been pouring in overnight and any traders who connected to the Nymex platform that morning could see a bloodbath was coming. By 7 a.m. in New York, the price on a key futures

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20 1stdb 01 Cta Apr 01

DJIA Rallies +1,293.96

Market soothsayers in mass acclaimed financial Armageddon over the weekend. The fear emanating from those most in the know was palpable. Mr. Market is wily. Mr. Market’s assault on the levered long players left no prisoners. Short-term traders, both bears, and bulls, especially those on margin were exposed. Money’s Fear & Greed Index closed Friday

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2020 Boom or Kaboom!

“To find yourself, think for yourself.” —Socrates 2019 was the year media airways bombarded us with unrelenting negative news stories about almost everything. There were articles about the end of the world, elevated asset prices, unaffordable housing, corporate excess, federal deficits, the Mueller Report, political polarity, climate-change, trade wars, immigration gridlock, negative interest rates, the

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