Dear Friend,

I’d like you to consider the benefits of outsourcing your Chief Financial Officer activities to 1DB/MyCFO. Our team is comprised of dedicated accountants, investment professionals and consultants. Individuals and businesses of all sizes need efficient accounting and advisory services to succeed and grow. MyCFO is well equipped to help individuals and businesses achieve financial success. We have a highly qualified CPA and experienced accountant(s) on staff to help with all your taxes, accounting and bookkeeping needs. With MyCFO as your financial accountant, business consultant, and advisor you can be confident that you are on the right path to achieve your financial goals and objectives.

MyCFO is uniquely suited to provide the knowledge and know-how to compliment your business objectives. Our motto is, “Always provide more value.” That is our commitment to you. Please let me know if you would like to discuss our CFO services in more detail.

Attached is our schedule of fees.

Have a wonderful and prosperous day!


William “Chip” Corley

8927 Hypoluxo Road, Suite A5
Lake Worth, FL 33467
Phone 561.515.3200

IFC Insights

1st Discount Brokerage Independent Financial Consultants offer their entrepreneurial success stories

Over 30 years in estate and financial planning has taught me one thing— you’re only as good as the support behind you. The staff support at 1DB is second to none. They listen to your requests and deliver almost immediately, so you can always be a step ahead of clients’ expectations. The insights from the 1DB team, as well as the education and seminar programs keep me on the cutting edge of financial changes in the industry.
The high net worth clients I work with have particularly high expectations for the products they invest in and the level of service they receive. I can proudly say the 1DB team has always been able to deliver the products and services I’ve needed, when I needed them. My business has flourished during my time with 1DB, and I believe the environment here can help other hard-working entrepreneurs achieve similar levels of success.
John D. McHugh II
JDM Financial
Half Moon Bay, CA

President’s Letter

Dear Colleague,

1DB has been one of the fastest growing Independent Broker/Dealer firms in the industry. Yet, even though we’ve been called “the gem among Independent Broker/Dealer firms,” we still remain under the radar. We have grown by acquisition and word-of-mouth by aligning with financial professionals who relate to the unique environment we have built.

The Independent Financial Consultant is an entrepreneur who revels in independence and is motivated to make things happen by forging their own path. Our contribution is made through providing support and guidance, with new ideas and inventive ways to take your financial practice to the next level. Our firm is centered on our Financial Consultants, so we never forget that your success is also our success.

We know that financial professionals have many affiliation options and I invite you to learn more about our firm. I strongly believe that the more you know about 1DB, the better able you will be to judge what differentiates us from the pack. It’s a difference that really matters—and it can matter to you and the success of your career.

Best Wishes,

William Corley, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer

Enjoy Your Success

Enjoy generous compensation without compromising on the investment strategies you recommend to clients

We believe that our Financial Consultants’ efforts should be directly tied to their financial rewards. 1DB’s payout schedules are transparent, easy to follow and provide competitive payouts whether your clients’ investment focus is on mutual funds, annuities, or individual securities. Our Financial Consultants have the freedom to focus on creating the ideal investment strategy for their clients with the confidence that they will be generously rewarded for their hard work.

Sleep Soundly

Sleep soundly knowing your business is backed by the 1DB team of financial experts

For 1DB Financial Consultants, independence doesn’t mean you’ll have to go it alone. You’ll have direct access to many seasoned financial industry experts whose advice and guidance have helped propel a great many Consultants to success. We have assembled a team with diversified talents and abilities, each bringing a commitment to superb service and an irreplaceable skill set to the table.

1DB employs sound practices with all of our compliance, trading, reporting, and risk management systems so you can be assured that all your crucial business functions are in safe hands. We employ some of the highest standards in the brokerage industry and are backed by the operational resources of Apex Clearing Corporation.. We are always working to ensure 1DB meets (and exceeds) industry requirements—and even more importantly—our Consultants’ requirements. Our staff works on our IFCs’ behalf to ensure all our “i”s are dotted and all “t”s are crossed, so you can focus on your core business.

Choose Wisely

When determining the Independent Broker/Dealer for you (and your clients), Choose Wisely

1DB’s sole focus is ensuring that you have access to all the financial products and investment services that will help to meet all of your clients’ needs. We allow our Independent Financial Consultants to select from a wealth of investment options including hundreds of mutual funds, fixed income securities and insurance products, as well as less traditional investments such as managed futures funds, emerging market securities and hedge funds.  Thus allowing you to select those avenues that will be most appropriate to meeting all of your clients’ goals.

We take our status as an Independent Broker/Dealer very seriously. 1DB conducts financial due diligence on the investment products we offer to ensure they meet appropriate requirements. However, we don’t show a preference for particular products or product families. 1DB never sets quotas or offers proprietary products, ensuring the autonomy of your decisions and the most appropriate investment choices for your clients. We will, however, always respond with up to the minute investment information or the extensive research you need to make better, more informed choices.

To help you make the most of your time, our Web-based trading platform, TradeVantage Pro, provides dynamic access to your clients’ accounts as well as real time industry information. Our state of the art financial technology, which includes an active trading platform, allows our Independent Financial Consultants to streamline their trading and research efforts and run their business more efficiently.

Play By Your Rules

Create an independent financial practice based on your own vision

We feel that Independent Financial Consultants can only excel when they’re the ones calling the shots. For this reason, 1DB provides our IFCs with the support to run their offices in a way that is best suited to their needs and the needs of their clients. Since each Independent Financial Consultant is the true authority on the inner workings of their own practice, we give each representative the ability to make their own decisions about the shape and direction of their financial services business.

From our vantage point, each Independent Financial Consultant is a visionary, carving out an individual market niche and growing a highly personalized financial consulting practice. 1DB is here to provide high level business support services, industry-leading investment products and customized financial resources to ensure that each Consultant achieves their individual goals. By focusing on providing the right tools and services, 1DB creates a working environment that allows IFCs to exceed their clients’ expectations and grow their business.

Think Big

The Independent Broker Dealer for Entrepreneurs

We Think Like a Big Company, But Act Like a Small One

We’re not one of the biggest Independent Broker/Dealer firms out there, but judging from our tremendous range of investment products and services, you might think we are. We offer a great variety of non-proprietary, industry-leading and innovative investment products for our 1DB clients ensuring that our Independent Financial Consultants (IFCs) always have the tools to make appropriate investment choices. Additionally, our cutting edge technology allows our IFCs a more effective way to serve their clients, efficiently manage their office, and help grow their financial careers.

1DB services over 200 Financial Consultants in 48 states, so you won’t be our only Independent Financial Consultant. But we’ll make every effort to make you feel like our only priority. 1DB has come a long way from our single-office start, but we haven’t forgotten the important role that good service and personalized attention play in helping our Independent Financial Consultants (IFCs). All of our IFCs have full and direct access to the entire 1DB team of finance professionals, whenever needed. Bypassing intermediaries ensures that our IFCs always have their questions and requests quickly and skillfully attended to.