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Inflation Phenomenon

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???????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????Once upon a time, way back in February 2021, our “non-partisan” Congress authorized the use of the FED’s experimental drug “printing tons of money.” The #FED began injecting its version of the Covid-19 vaccine posthaste. The purpose of the FED’s potent elixir was to rehabilitate the world’s leading #economy (not FDA approved).  ???????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????? ????????????????????The Fed’s initial inoculation commenced

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War Worries

“When times are worst, mankind is best.” The headlines this morning bleed red. Many investors are anxious, rightfully so, about Eastern Europe’s unprovoked incursion. As I type these words air assaults and artillery squads are wreaking hell. We are witnessing in real-time the ravages of war. Risk assets are under severe pressure. Investors at large

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