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Branson Me Closet

Financial Frontier

“The name’s Branson. Sir Richard Branson. Astronaut 0 0 1. License to thrill.” Fifteen months ago, 22.3 million Americans lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Subsequently, 15.8 million workers are back on the job, and economic growth has accelerated. These have been halcyon days for homeowners, equity holders, and high net worth individuals. In

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Total Chaos

10 Imponderables to Ponder

Pundits at large are questioning what’s lurching next for our society after the U.S. achieves herd immunity. Can the present economic boom continue unabated, or will something less desirable interrupt or ruin our good thing? This question and others such as the following are imponderables to ponder: Is housing still affordable for the middle class?

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