Everyone Needs a Partner!

Everyone needs a partner! Capital is that partner. Capital has proven to have been a reliable and rewarding partner, historically! Capital works for you. It is always on the clock, never tardy or absent, and shows up 365 days a year, including holidays, and pandemics. Whew! That’s what I call an ultramarathon worker for certain!

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Follow the Money!

Want to become a better investor? The Federal Reserve does a yeoman’s work to provide the American saver and investor where all the money goes. Anne Scheiber, one of my investing heroes who amassed $22 million over her lifetime by investing minimal sums, according to Wikipedia. In fact, she never earned a salary of more

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A $10 Trillion Rescue Package: Will it Ignite Inflation?

“Inflation is always a monetary phenomenon that occurs by a rapid increase in the quantity of money.” —Milton Friedman (Nobel Prize Recipient) Inflation averaged 3.2% since 1914; today it sits anchored at .2%. There have been episodes of high inflation rates over the past half-century stemming from excess liquidity. Money supply growth (blue line) has

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