Real Estate

Real Estate can provide overall portfolio diversity in terms of cash revenue and future capital growth. It is the most common and perhaps the largest asset held in most portfolios. Although 1DB does not directly sell real estate, we would be able to participate in evaluating and offering financial advice as to the impact of a real estate transaction to your over-all portfolio.

Multigenerational Family Planning

Preserving your assets to provide and protect your future generation’s prosperity is an extremely complicated task. Historically, most inherited wealth does not extend past the third generation. For the survival of your family’s estate you need a focused strategy that requires a professional team to provide continuous evaluation of your plan.

1DB can serve as one participant of that team in not only preparing your plan, but also making your family aware of both the benefits and obligations of their inheritance.


Our role is to act as an unbiased consultant who will assist in determining whether the Health, Life, Disability and Long Term Care policies used by our clients are the best fit and most cost effective for them.

We will also analyze whether or not any areas of coverage have been overlooked that might expose the families assets to risk.

Estate and Tax Planning

Creating a reliable long term plan for wealth transfer to your heirs and also a tax reduction strategy requires a concise, clear collaboration between your Accountant, and Estate Planning Attorney alongside your Financial Planning Team.

We work with each client to develop a custom plan of action that outlines investment goals, risk parameters, and asset allocation guidelines.

Wealth is Legacy

Acquiring wealth creates both unique opportunities and challenges. Our team of advisors will create an investment management system that will work for you now and for your future generations.

Families want knowledgeable feedback to understand their financial position and options. They want viable answers for their unique situations that other advisors did not recognize. They want necessary questions asked on their behalf which they did not even know were relative to them and their families.

  • Is it possible to increase my income to do what I’ve always wanted?
  • What is the Tax and Estate bottom line of an IRA modification?
  • What are the choices for gifting strategies that should be acknowledged before a liquidity action?