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Followers of these posts well know that I am all about individual financial empowerment. My 4-Rules to Wealth Building → #1 Save More, #2 Spend Less, #3 Increase Income, #4 Invest Incessantly Thredup.com offers previously owned clothing, handbags, and accessories at bargain based pricing. The pandemic has raised the saving mindset of all working folks,


A Closer Look

REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS AND BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY BROKERAGE OVERVIEW                In this , the following topics are discussed: various types of investment real estate, types of risk associated with the purchase and ownership of real estate, methods of analyzing such investments, the tax consequences of both owner-occupied and investment real estate, and the distinction between most real

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Gold or Fools Gold?

When it comes right down to it, successful investing over the long-term is firstly about being true to oneself, and secondly, grasping the facts and figures. Sam Stovall, CFRA Chief Investment Strategist, informed market participants this morning in his weekly report that “gold” has returned an average of 2.7% in the month of August the

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