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Total Chaos

10 Imponderables to Ponder

Pundits at large are questioning what’s lurching next for our society after the U.S. achieves herd immunity. Can the present economic boom continue unabated, or will something less desirable interrupt or ruin our good thing? This question and others such as the following are imponderables to ponder: Is housing still affordable for the middle class?

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Letter To Investors Nar

Abnormal is the New Normal

Winners→ We live in a new world, an era, where the abnormal is the new normal, and where the unknown is the known. In 2021, as in all periods, there are winners and losers. Hogs, i.e., the cost of pork (not in political parlance) has increased 50%. Other year-to-date standout sectors → energy, industrials, financials,

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When it comes to allocating investible assets – particularly larger sums of capital – the “where” can be more important than the “why.” I surmise, people who generally earn incomes above the national average may attribute their higher earning capacity as multifactorial by way of → attained skills → acquired knowledge → time allotted →

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